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We lend a hand: You take a break


At Carer Breaks we offer an affordable home-sitting service where an experienced carer will come and look after the person you care for. It’s natural to need a short break every now and then so we’re more than happy to lend a hand. 


We cover Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth and surrounding villages. 

It's Natural to Need a Break


Companion Visit


We also help people who may be living alone by offering regular companion visits. It’s a great way for an older person to enjoy engaging company on a regular basis and gives relatives living further afield the peace of mind that their loved one is being taken care of. 

Engaging Arts, Crafts, Puzzles & Specialised Dementia Activities

Whether you opt for a Carer Break or a Companion Visit we provide an experienced carer, and specialised activities.


Research shows that regular cognitive stimulation can greatly contribute towards a happier lifestyle and improves the wellbeing of those being cared for and supported. 


There’s more to having a cuppa with us than just a good natter. We’ll fit in plenty of engaging activities that get your loved one thinking and learning again. It’s all about celebrating the little things, building confidence, and staying positive. It can all add up to make a big difference! 



Better Care Starts with Experienced Carers
Experienced. Trained. 
Certified. DBS Checked.
Hello, I'm Jacqueline, I operate Carer Breaks, in  Leamington Spa. I am a friendly, well spoken, English lady with 25yrs experience of helping clients and their families with supported living.


 I have experienced in: 


  • Advanced Dementia

  • Alzheimer's 

  • Parkinsons

  • Motor Neurones

  • MS

  • Mental Health

  • Physical Challenges

  • Post Op Care

  • Palliative Care

  • Catheters/Peg Feeds

  • Wheelchair/Hoists 


I realised that there was a desperate need for a quality carer break service when I left my employment with the Britsh Nursing Association to care full-time for my parent who had been diagnosed with advanced dementia. 


Having provided private care for many notable clients over the years, I was expecting the care of my own parent to be fairly easy.


But it was far from it. It was exhausting and there was no clocking off!!  



 Looking back, I have no regrets, other than wishing I could have taken more "me time". But I really didn't want to leave my confused parent in the care of constant strangers!!


The visits we had from big care agencies were rushed and impersonal and they couldn't guarantee the continuity of their carers. Each time a different one came, it was distressing for my parent. 


I have high standards and I wanted a more bespoke service.


  1. I wanted a guarantee the same caregiver would visit - so a recognition and trust could develop.

  2. I wanted my parent to enjoy the visit - so I needed active engagement with them in my absence. 


But back in 2013, I couldn't find anyone offering this level of service.


So in 2018, I decided to launch Carer Breaks to help fill this gap. 


Carer Breaks now provide a unique Sitting and Activity Visit for clients in and around the Leamington Spa area.  


If you'd like to book us for your next break or book a companion visit, please get in touch as we are accepting new clients now.



For your privacy, we use discretion and do not visit wearing carer uniforms. 

We Are Accepting
  New Clients Now  

Booking & Fees

To Book

We take advanced bookings so that you can secure your preferred weekly times and dates. Book today to avoid disappointment! 



8am-8pm Visits

Choose between a weekly visit or a one-off. 


Visits start from 1 hour and most people we help opt for a two-hour session every week. It’s all about finding the right fit for you. 


£15.00 an hour - Weekdays  
£16.00 an hour - Weekends

(8am - 8pm)


£50.00 - Sleepover Weekday

£60.00 - Sleepover Weekend

(9pm to 7am)







No Agency Fees


Specialised Activities Included

Call today to secure your preferred time and dates.
Early booking is advised to avoid any disappointment 

Carer Breaks Trade as Self Employed

You will NOT be directly employing us. We are responsible for our own tax and national insurance payments and you do NOT need to provide a workplace pension. You simply book us when you need us!!


Payments to Carer Breaks

We ask for cash, cheque, or bank transfer at the time of the visit. If you have more than one visit in a week, payment can be made on the final visit of that week. An invoice/receipt will be provided for your own financial records 


Direct Payments

If you are in need of assistance to remain living in your own home, you may qualify for financial help towards these costs.

The Direct Payments scheme is a UK Government initiative in the field of Social Services that gives users money directly to pay for their own care, rather than the traditional route of a Local Government Authority providing care for them.  

Click on Warwick District Council for more information on how to apply.

Get in Touch


If you would like to have a chat to see how we can help you, please get in touch.   





“Your care and understanding are second to none, we are so thankful we found you.”


Mrs H W. 


“I just had to write to say thank you for all you do for us. God bless you”.


Mr.& Mrs J. 



“Your visit brightens my day, I so look forward to seeing your car pull onto my drive."

Sir D S. 


Thank you for giving me peace of mind for a few hours every week, it is invaluable


Mr W.


We are accepting new clients now

Call us today 07914151299 

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